Dry Eye Care from Our Optometrists in Omaha

If you feel as if your eyelids are made of sandpaper, you're probably one of the many sufferers from a condition known as dry eye. This nagging problem not only interferes with your vision and causes distracting discomfort, but it can also put your corneas at risk for serious complications. You need to take your dry eye seriously and get the necessary treatment for it and at Omaha Primary EyeCare, our team of optometrists is happy to provide you with the outstanding eye care you need.

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The Disadvantages of Dry Eye

Chronic dryness, of the eyes, is a more complex issue than you might think. That's because tears themselves are complex, made up of three distinct substances water, mucous, and oil. Every time you blink, these substances form a tear film that covers the front of the eye. The oil layer holds in the moisture of the water, while the mucous anchors the tears and protects the eye from disease.

If any of these three substances are out of balance, your tears may fail to protect your eyes no matter how watery your eyes may seem. The results include a gritty, tired, or irritated feeling, along with eye redness, blurred vision, excessive mucous or watering, and light sensitivity. Severe dry eye may allow the cornea to become damaged, leaving you with long-term scarring and vision problems.

Remedies for Dry Eye

Omaha Primary EyeCare offers a variety of optometric treatment options for dry eye. Our optometrist can diagnose the cause of your condition with a variety of testing to diagnose tear volume. Tear production can decrease which is a common side effect of aging, underlying diseases, and drying medications. Your optometrist, Dr. Kubica, Dr. Langford, or Dr. Johnson can also evaluate your tear film balance to see whether you're not producing enough oil, which can occur if the meibomian glands become clogged. Allergies, windy environments, contact lenses, marathon computer usage, and other factors may also play a role in your dry eye. Once we understand your problem, we can prescribe:

  • Meibomian gland treatment to restore normal oil balance

  • Glasses in place of contacts, or specialized contacts such as scleral lenses

  • Lubricating or medicated eye drops

  • Nutritional and lifestyle changes

  • Adjustments to your medications or medical regimen

  • Avoiding specific environmental triggers

Are You Suffering from Dry Eyes? Call our Omaha Optometrists for an Exam

Whether the solution to your dry eye problems lies in glasses, eye drops or some other form of correction, Omaha Primary Eye Care can help you get this distressing condition under control. Call 4023830780 today to schedule an eye exam!