What to Expect with the LipiFlow Treatment

Dry eyes are a common ailment. It’s estimated that more than 16 million Americans, the majority of which are women, suffer from Dry Eye Disease (DED). Most people are not suffering from a lack of aqueous fluid but are actually not producing enough lubricating oil in their eyes.


Healthy, eye-nourishing tears need open Meibomian glands. They are responsible for secreting oil that mixes with the water and creates the tear film that protects the eyes. Over time, the glands can become plugged and won’t secrete enough oil to create the healthy balance needed. LipiFlow® is a new treatment that can treat the most common cause, MGD, producing long-term relief.


Targeted Treatment


LipiFlow doesn’t just treat the symptoms of chronic dry eye — it treats the most common root cause. Many people experience irritation from dry eyes not because they aren’t producing enough tears but because they are suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).


Over-the-counter eye drops only treat the symptom. Patients have to reapply drops daily or more often. Drops may not properly address the clogged oil ducts. LipiFlow can open up the ducts and allow normal secretion to occur again, eliminating the need to apply eye drops.


Recovery and Results


While not permanent, LipiFlow can vastly improve comfort and wear time for contact lens users. Patients can drive and resume their normal lives after undergoing the procedure. Many patients report noticing an immediate improvement. Most achieve optimal results between six and eight weeks after having the procedure.


The long-term effectiveness of LipiFlow can depend on the activities the patient engages in. Staring at device screens, high cholesterol levels, and contact lens use can affect the length of time LipiFlow is effective. Generally, patients experience relief for up to a year before needing the procedure again.


Fast and FDA-Approved


The eye doctor can perform the LipiFlow treatment in as little as 12 minutes per eye in-office. It is not a surgery. Gentle pulses of heat combined with pressure massage the glands. This breaks up blockages and obstructions to allow normal oil flow through the glands. Shields direct the heat to the lid area, not the eye.


While the procedure itself takes about 12 minutes per eye, patients can expect to spend around an hour total at the appointment. The device is designed to minimize any discomfort. The doctor will administer the same eye-numbing drops used for regular eye exams. In many studies, patients stated they felt little or no discomfort at all.


LipiFlow is the only procedure of its kind that is FDA-approved for long-term relief. It can ease most or all of those frustrating dry eye symptoms. The experienced team of doctors at Omaha Primary Eye Care is happy to walk you through the simple process of LipiFlow and answer any questions.


Find out if LipiFlow can provide you with long-lasting relief, contact Omaha Primary Eye Care in Elkhorn, NE at 402-383-0780 to book an appointment.