Is LipiFlow Right for Me?

LipiFlow is a revolutionary treatment for evaporative dry eye linked to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD is a condition that blocks the openings of the oil glands in your eyes. The result is that the glands fail to secrete enough oil, or if they do, the oil is of poor quality.


The LipiFlow device uses a combination of physical massage and heat to soften and express the meibomian glands’ contents. The aim is to loosen the obstructive material in the glands so that they can function normally.


There are many causes of MGD. They are ethnicity, age, high cholesterol, and the use of corrective lenses. Bacterial infection and some medications also cause MGD. The condition ranges from being just a slight irritation to being so debilitating that it affects the quality of your life.


Are You a Candidate for LipiFlow?


To consider LipiFlow, you must have a dry eye, a condition that causes the surface of your eyes to dry up due to inadequate moisture and lubrication. Since there are many causes of dry eye, the eye doctor must ensure that your eye dryness is due to MGD. He or she conducts a series of tests. They include:


1. LipiView


The LipiView exam is a non-invasive eye evaluation procedure that the eye doctor uses to get a clear digital picture of your tear film. From it, the doctor can see the lipid content of your tear film and assess its quality. The evaluation helps determine whether to administer LipiFlow or other dry eye treatments.


2. LipiScan


LipiScan is another non-invasive test that eye doctors use to assess your meibomian glands’ structure and health. The LipiScan gives a multidimensional view of your glands. The results determine the direction your treatment takes.


3. Dynamic Meibomian Imaging (Dmi)


DMI is a test composed of two superior imaging technologies: dynamic illumination and adaptive transillumination. Each of these tests produces an independent image of the meibomian glands. The doctor processes and displays the two images, and the combination produces a precise picture of your meibomian glands. From these, the optometrist can decipher whether there are any blockages or structural changes in your meibomian glands.


Advantages of LipiFlow


If the doctor determines that you are a good candidate, you get the LipiFlow treatment. Here are the benefits to expect with this treatment:


1) LipiFlow Gets to the Root of Your Issue


Before treatment, the doctor takes you through a series of testing to determine the underlying cause of your dry eye. So, if you qualify for LipiFlow, you will be treating the exact cause of your dry eye, which is MGD.


2) Your Tears Regain Their Natural Balance


After the treatment, your eyes start producing healthy, well-balanced tears. Tears must have three layers, including the mucin, aqueous, and lipid layer. If any of them is off, the tears cannot work as well as they should.


3) It Is an All-Natural Treatment


LipiFlow treatment does not involve the use of chemicals. It involves the use of heated pulsations to unblock the glands.


4) Provides a Long-Term Solution to Your Dry Eye Problem


Although there’s yet to be a permanent solution for MGD and dry eyes, LipiFlow is the best long-term solution available. Also, the relief you get from the procedure is better than what you get with other treatments.


The LipiFlow treatment is straightforward and produces permanent results. If you have a dry eye condition, walk into our clinic to determine if you qualify for LipiFlow. Visit us, Omaha Primary EyeCare in Elkhorn, Nebraska. You can also call us at 402-383-0780 to request an appointment.