Eye Emergency: How to know when to go to the Eye Clinic

Our eyes are just as likely to be injured in some way as any other part of our body. However, their increased sensitivity can mean that what might only be a minor injury on another part of your body could be much more traumatic if your eyes are affected. Nevertheless, determining whether or not you need to make an emergency visit to the eye clinic isn’t always immediately obvious. Not all eye emergencies cause pain and the symptoms that you experience may be mild. However, with your vision on the line, the old adage of ‘better safe than sorry’ is most certainly true and in the majority of cases, patients will be recommended to visit their eye doctor to ensure that there is no risk of permanent damage to their eyes or eyesight.


With that in mind, here are some of the most common eye injuries that mean that a trip to the emergency eye clinic in Omaha, NE:


A corneal abrasion is one or more scratches affecting the clear, domed surface covering the front part of the eye which is known as the cornea. Corneal abrasions are extremely common and can occur from something as simple as rubbing your eye when it contains debris such as grit or sand. The symptoms of corneal abrasions are soreness, redness, excessive watering and increased sensitivity to light. Medical attention is essential since any scratches can put your eye at risk of becoming infected. To prevent this, cover your eye with something until you can be seen by your eye doctor in Omaha, NE.



Something in your eye

Most of us have experienced having something lodged in our eye at some point during our lifetime. Often this is a speck of dust or dirt or something else that we can flush out fairly easily just by rinsing our eye at home. However, if you are unable to remove the foreign object in this way, don’t be tempted to try and rub it as this could cause a corneal abrasion as listed above or an even more severe injury. Instead, cover your eye and visit your Omaha, NE emergency eye doctor.



Chemical burns

You may not think of the eyes as being likely to be affected by a chemical burn, but many visits to emergency eye doctors each year are an exact result of this injury. They can either occur directly, such as being sprayed in the eye by a chemical substance or indirectly, such as by transferring chemicals on your fingers or gloves into your eyes by touching them. If this happens to you, you will need to rinse your eye immediately to help prevent any permanent damage from occurring. Run a steady stream of lukewarm tap water into your eye for 15 minutes, being careful not to touch it in any way. If you are with someone, ask them to call you an emergency eye doctor for you while you do this and ask for their instructions, which will likely to be to come in for an urgent visit. 


Bleeding from the eye

Some types of eye trauma involve acute injury which creates a wound that leaves the eye bleeding significantly. In these instances, a visit to your emergency room or emergency eye doctor is essential. Use a clean cloth to staunch the flow of blood and get someone to drive you to get professional assistance. Minor bleeding from the eye may not be anything to worry about, but we would still recommend that you schedule a prompt, regular appointment with your eye doctor to discuss it.


Sudden vision loss and/or eye pain

Our vision is extremely precious to us, and we shouldn’t take chances with it. Therefore, if you experience anything unusual, we would strongly advise that you speak to your eye doctor in Omaha, NE as quickly as you can. This includes if you experience any sudden vision loss or eye pain, or particularly if you experience both at the same time. 



For more advice on how to know if you are having an eye emergency and should seek professional assistance, please call Omaha Primary EyeCare in Omaha, NE at 402-383-0780