Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Is it time to get new sunglasses and you want to make sure you get the perfect fit for your face shape? With numerous options to choose from, knowing what to look for can help you bring out your unique facial outline.


After deciding on the type of sunglasses you need, the next step is to choose the frame. The aim is to select a frame shape that accentuates your facial features. This means picking frames that contrast with the shape of your face slightly.


Not Sure What the Shape of Your Face Is?


To get the right sunglasses, you need to assess your facial structure or visit a professional to guide you. There are six main types of face shapes – round, oval, oblong (or rectangle), square, diamond-shaped, and heart-shaped face.


Take a photo of yourself or use a mirror to better look at and identify the shape of your face. Then, look at the suggestions below for trendy sunglasses that will give your face a natural balance.


Round Face Shape


If your face is round, your best picks would be aviator sunglasses with angular, square frames. In other words, these would be wide, four-sided frames that highlight your jaw, full cheekbone, and narrow forehead.


Stay away from round or circular frames with colored lenses. Such glasses will overemphasize the round shape and fullness of your face.


Oval Face Shape


Most sunglasses will look good on an oval face shape. The forehead, jaw, and cheekbones in an oval face are balanced, hence any shape of sunglasses will work on you. Only ensure that the frames of the sunglasses are not broader than your face. Also, you can play up your facial features by accessorizing your look with softly pointed sunglasses.


Oblong (or Rectangle) Face Shape


With a rectangular-shaped face, you want to accessorize with rounded frames and laxer lines. You are also looking for frames that are oversized and not uber narrow for your face. Wide and patterned sunglasses soften a longer face shape.


Square Face Shape

Similar to oblong-shaped faces, frames with rounded corners will certainly set you up for success if you have a square face shape. Such frames include round, cat-eye, or oval shapes.


Rounded frames with size to match the width of your face but with gentle lines even out a square jawline. That is because sharp, geometric angles will not do your facial features any good.


Diamond Face Shape


As long as the frames match the facial proportions, most shapes of sunglasses will work perfectly for a diamond-shaped face. Still, you should settle for shapes that make your forehead and chin look smaller than they are. Also, be careful not to wear any frame that is wider than your cheekbones. Doing so will make the broadest part of your face look even broader.


Heart Face Shape


A heart-shaped face has a narrow chin but wide cheekbones and forehead. Therefore, you are looking for frames that have sharper corners to balance your face. Round and cat-eye frames are what you are looking for, as you avoid teardrop-shaped or oversized frames.


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