Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recognizes LASIK as an effective technique to correct vision problems. This type of laser surgery can help you see better. Knowing if you can have this procedure can help you prepare for it. If you want to know if you are a good candidate for LASIK, here’s what you should know.


Good General Health


An ideal candidate for LASIK would be a person without any health issues. Healing would be easy and quick since the body’s energy will focus on recovering from laser surgery. Chronic diseases like diabetes may disqualify you from having this procedure. Glaucoma or cataracts rules you out of LASIK treatment as well. Instead, your eye doctor can help provide other options for correcting your vision.


Correct Age


Before you reach 18, your body goes through many physical and hormonal changes. This will make it difficult to correct your vision. Your eyes could continue to change after the procedure. You should be at least 18, then, to have LASIK surgery. By this age, your eyesight and eye structures are already stable and mature.


Absence of Dry Eye Syndrome


It can be challenging for anyone with a current or a history of dry eye syndrome. Your doctor will perform a dry eye screening before your procedure. Treating your current dry eye must come first before laser surgery. LASIK recovery will be easier when the symptoms are already under control. Supplements and artificial tears can help correct your dry eye.


Stable Vision


Myopia can make your vision unstable through your teen years. This disorder may even last longer. Myopia can result in prescription changes in contact lenses or eyeglasses. That is why ideal LASIK candidates are often older than 18 years old. Steroids, pregnancy, or breastfeeding can also result in vision fluctuations.


Your vision must stabilize first before you have LASIK. This means that you should wait until the steroids are out of your system. You must let the pregnancy run its course before you get this treatment. The same applies when you are still breastfeeding.


Realistic Expectations


Most patients experience optimal results from LASIK treatments. You are a good candidate if you also understand the possible risks of this procedure. Learning about this procedure can help you prepare for possible complications and side effects. Being mentally comfortable with the treatment can make your recovery better.


Good Pre-LASIK Assessment


Your eye doctor will perform a detailed evaluation before your surgery. This will determine how suitable you are for this procedure. Your eye structures and characteristics must have a good balance. Unstable eye structures can make healing difficult or bring forth complications.


Can Lie Flat Without Difficulty


LASIK and other laser eye procedures must happen while you lie flat. You can have this surgery if you can lie flat without pain or breathing difficulties. Any problems while lying down can make the procedure difficult or even impossible. Speak to your doctor about the other options available to you.


LASIK can help correct your vision if you are a good candidate. Your eye doctor can help determine if you qualify for this eye surgery. At Omaha Primary Eye Care, we always make sure that our patients understand the eye procedures before performing them.


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