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The Importance of Annual Eye Exam

Man Getting His Eyes examined

Our Optometrist in Omaha Explains The Importance of an Annual Eye Exam

You only have one set of eyes. To ensure the health of your vision, you need an eye exam each year. With the help of one of our eye doctors at Omaha Primary Eye Care, you can improve your vision or even save your sight through regular optometric exams.

Optometric Exams

Eye exams look for changes in your vision. If you have a reduction in your ability to see clearly, your optometrist will prescribe a means of vision correction, such as glasses or contacts. You need to see well for every job in your life, from driving to working on a computer. But this is not the only reason to get an exam.

Some eye conditions take years to develop. Only through regular exams can an optometrist catch the early symptoms of cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy when treatment can save your vision. You may not show any signs of these diseases, but the subtler symptoms appear during the tests conducted during a comprehensive vision exam. If you forgo annual exams, especially if you're older or have diabetes, you could be sacrificing your vision to a sight-robbing disease.

How a Doctor of Optometry Helps Children

Children quickly develop each year, and they have to learn just as rapidly. If a child has vision problems that are missed by neglecting annual testing, the child could fall behind academically. Don't let this happen. Screening for vision problems starts in children as small as infants. At Omaha Primary Eye Care, we offer infant exams through the Infant See program in partnership with the American Optometric Association Foundation. We also check preschool children for vision problems that could cause learning issues through our See to Learn program. Check out our optometry options for families to see how children of all ages get screened.

Contact Omaha Primary Eye Care to Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether you wear glasses or not, you need to see an eye doctor regularly. Omaha Primary Eye Care can help you with your vision care for life. Schedule your appointment online for an annual exam. In the meantime, share with us your vision story. Call us at 402-330-3000 to speak with our team today.

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