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Responsible Eye Care Is Protecting Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Sports Eye Safety 

Eye injuries are the most prevalent cause of childhood blindness. The majority of the eye injuries affecting children from age 11-14 happen while they’re engaged in a sports activity. Many people are shocked to learn that the use of eye protection in the form of goggles and safety glasses is used less than 20 percent of the time when children are engaged in sports activities. Here at Omaha Primary Eye Care, our optometry professionals are doing their part to educate people on the importance of protecting their eyes and the eyes of their children when they engage in sports activities.

Not Aware Of the Risks

One of the reasons people don’t protect their eyes when they play sports is because they don’t understand the risks associated with not doing so. Any type of sports activity can cause an eye injury, even those that appear safe. There are different levels of risks depending on the sport. Any sport that uses a fast-moving object like a ball or puck is considered a high-risk sport. Sports like football, basketball, tennis, and hockey are examples of sports that fall into this category. Eye protection should be used when it's permissible while engaging in these sports.

Sports vision protection should also be used to protect the eyes from harm when sports without flying objects are being played. Some of these sports include swimming, skiing, fishing, surfing, cycling, running and swimming. In regard to sports like swimming, cycling and jogging, there are minimal risks associated with direct and forceful contact however; the eyes do come into contact with environmental elements, like the wind, and particles in the air that can irritate the eyes. In addition, people who participate in winter sports need to protect against dry eye.

Eye Care Protection to Suit Your Needs

Here at Omaha Primary Eye Care, we have a vast selection of sports vision eye protection to accommodate people of all ages. We can help you find the appropriate protection for your sport, and place your prescription in your protective wear if needed. We can fit you for goggles, wrap around goggles and sunglasses in a style to suit your personality. Don’t continue to risk your vision by playing sports without proper eyewear protection. Give our office a call to schedule your appointment today at (402) 330-3000.

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